Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lawn Grass and Patience

For more than a month my lawn has been the color of an Arizona desert.  What was once green grass turned brown and stayed that way as southern Wisconsin’s drought dragged on week after hot, dry week. Not a pretty sight. Walking on my lawn was like walking on egg shells. 

Those folks who had not experienced a long spell of hot, dry weather asked if their lawns were as dead as they looked, and wondered if they’d have to re-seed them.

“Wait," I said.  "Be patient.”

This week it rained—more than an inch.  And the dried up lawns once more began turning green.  Lawnmowers sputtered to life and the smell of freshly cut grass filled the air.

This may be a stretch—comparing lawn grass to human nature.  But when things go bad, lawn grass hunkers down and waits.  Patiently.

Not the worst approach for people who often quickly complain and want a quick fix when life tosses a curve ball at them. Sometimes a little patience will make all the difference.  The lawn grass doesn’t fret and fuss when it needs rain (at least not that I can tell).

A lesson here?

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Whatever happened to patience?

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