Friday, July 20, 2012

Thunder Storm

Off and on I watched the western sky as it turned from a hazy gray to the color of charcoal as the storm slowly organized and shifted east.

It was a hot steamy afternoon;  temperature in the nineties and humidity not far behind.  As the hours passed, the storm clouds continued moving, building, shifting, turning darker as they came closer.  The air was thick and clammy; “Will it rain?” someone asked, as the land thirsted for moisture after days of unrelenting heat and not a drop of water,

Now the rolling, tumbling, ominous angry clouds obscured the sun and the afternoon grew dark and darker.  I saw the first jagged flash of lightning and a few moments later heard the grumble and growl of thunder.  It had been weeks since I’d heard thunder and seen lightning—weeks of dry weather that turned green to brown.

Another flash of lightning, another louder boom from the heavens and I felt the first drops of rain, as large as quarters splattering on the dry soil. And then more ear-shattering thunder and sky-splitting lightning and a deluge of warm water poured from the sky, cascading off the building roofs, running across the parched lawns.  In its anger, the storm was giving up much needed, desperately needed rain.

And then, after but a few minutes, it was over.  The rain stopped.  The skies cleared, and the countryside smelled sweet and clean.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Enjoy a thunder storm, for it is nature’s way of getting our attention, as well as providing life-giving rain.

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