Sunday, July 01, 2012

Two Weather Patterns

Ruth and I attended a wedding in Minneapolis yesterday, a beautiful outdoor event at a golf course that needed no watering as this part of the U.S. has gotten ample rains in the past few weeks, more than enough in some places such as Duluth where 10 inches fell at one time caused havoc.

According to the Minneapolis TV weather guy, that city set a record for rainfall for the month of June.  Contrast that with Madison, WI where our home city is setting an opposite record—less than a half-inch for June.

Driving to the Twin Cities the other day, we could see the change from dry grass and shriveled cornfields ending somewhere north of Black River Falls to a cornfield near Eau Claire that was shoulder high and the darkest of dark green.  Not so in southern Wisconsin where worries mount for a failed, or at least a meager 2012 corn yield.

 In central Wisconsin, we have been on the margin.  Some rain, but not enough.  I’m afraid without watering, our garden, which has been off to a great start, would whither away like the cornfields of southern Wisconsin.  

THE OLD TIMER SAYS:  Few things are dependable in this world, especially so the weather.

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