Sunday, December 23, 2012


The storm came from the west, well announced but mostly ignored as there was Christmas shopping to do, parties to attend, people to see, places to go.

The schools announced they would close the following day even though not a flake of snow fell from the sky and the temperature was above freezing.  “Why?” people asked.  Many still not believing the forecast of a major storm coming our way.

But late that night the snow began falling, huge, wet flakes that gathered on the tree limbs and hung heavy on the electric wires.  And made the roads and streets a slippery mess. 

By mid-day the wind came up, and a blizzard was proclaimed, and the snow flew and gathered in five foot drifts.  The malls closed, the banks closed, the buses ceased running.  And the power went out for thousands, who for the first time in years sat in the dark, reading by flashlight or by candlelight, as no one in these modern times had a kerosene lamp to light their way.

 A powerful reminder from Old Man Winter, that we earthlings with all  our technology, and our feelings of power and control are mere mortals when seventeen inches of snow falls and the wind blows and the power goes out.

A reminder we all need from time-to-time.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Listen to Old Man Winter.  He usually has the first and the last word.


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