Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank You TV Viewers

A big thank you to all who watched the documentary, Jerry Apps: A Farm Story and sent me emails, wrote letters, called, stopped me on the street and told me they enjoyed and appreciated the show.  I was overwhelmed with the response, and gratified, too, that I was able to make some small contribution to recognizing farmers and farm life from an earlier time.

“We are all people of the land,” I often say in my writings and in the many talks I give around the Midwest.  Individually, a person may be two or three or even four generations away from farms and farming.   But each of us has a tie to the land through our ancestors, and through our need to recognize, appreciate, and revere the land for it is the source of our sustenance and the foundation for our survival.

So far, the show has aired three times in Wisconsin and twice in Minnesota. Additionally it is available on the Internet so people can watch it on their computers.  Now and again a person hinted that I must have made a “goodly” amount of money from the TV folks for doing the show.  Nope, not a penny.  Nor did anyone else associated with the show earn any money from doing it.  It was our contribution to Wisconsin Public Television, one of the state’s often under appreciated treasures.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Never, ever forget your tie to the land.


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Jeanne Engle said...

Congrats, Jerry, on your success with Wisconsin Public Television! Nice to have seen you last Saturday. Just sign me one of your "groupies."