Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fireside Books

For each of the past ten years, in early December, I have signed books at a fine independent bookstore in West Bend named Fireside Books.  This past Saturday was the day for this year—a balmy weather day with brief rain showers.  But a great day for buying books, and Fireside Books was busy as I talked about and signed copies of my newest novel, TAMARACK RIVER GHOST.

It is always fun visiting with friends, former students, and those who have never heard of me at these events.  It's humbling—we all can use a little humble pie from time-to-time—when I ask a person stopping by my table if she has heard about my books.  “Can’t say if I have,” a nice lady says.  “What is your book about?”

I talk a bit about TAMARACK RIVER GHOST.  “Oh,” she says, interrupting me, “I’m really not very interested in that sort of thing,” and she walks away.

A little while later, a tall, intense young man stops by my table.  “I’m writing a book,” he says.  “Can you tell me how to do it?”

I try to share some thoughts on book writing—mostly I say, “Sit down and write—a couple hours a day, every day, six days a week.”

“Oh,” he says.  “That’s it huh?  I’ll give that a try.”

I wanted to say there was a bit more to it—but writing a couple hours a day is how I got started.  Perhaps next year I’ll see this fellow’s book in the bookstore next to mine.

Bookstore book signings are always fun and never predictable.  That’s one of the reasons I keep doing it.

SPECIAL EVENT: Monday, December 3, 6:30, Patterson Memorial Library, Wild Rose.  Central Wisconsin launch of TAMARACK RIVER GHOST, my latest novel, with a setting in central Wisconsin.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS:  No matter if you are writing a book or painting a house, two hours of work a day on the project will make a difference.


December 3, 6:30 p.m. Patterson Memorial Library, Wild Rose.  Reception and book launch for “Tamarack River Ghost.” 

December 5, 11:00 a.m. Larry Meiller Show, Wisconsin Public Radio.  Tamarack River Ghost.

December 8, 9:30-11:30, Sheboygan Falls Memorial Library, Garden Wisdom. Sponsored by Sheboygan County Historical Research Center.

December 15, 11:00 -12:30. Wisconsin Historical Society Museum, Downtown Madison.  Book Signing.

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